Oct 16

Personal Concierge Services Are Now The Latest Trend And A Need Of Business Executives

Concierge services were once thought as a luxurious service offered to high society millionaires and high profile corporate personnel. Today, due to the high competition in the business world, almost no one has the time to do their small but important work; some employers are offering personal concierge services to their senior management personnel and are also getting the benefits out of it. According to the employers, if they do help their employees this could help their company in boosting productivity and morale. Personal concierge services like on-site car washes, dry cleaning drop off, discount tickets and travel planning make the workplace a more pleasant and productive environment.

Personal Concierge is not only meant for large corporations, also outside of the corporate environment, high profile people use the luxury of using of personal errand services. However, today, anyone can receive the time-saving benefits offered by using personal assistants. Personal concierges play an important role in reducing the stress experienced by busy professionals and single parents who can not do it all.

Business executives and senior managers, by nature, are very busy people; company meetings, sales conferences, business reports, management duties, delegation, training, and other duties take most of their time. In spite of possessing great time-management skills, there is still not enough time in the day for them to do to meet their other priorities. Concierge services and personal assistants are trained to do their menial, day-to-day, tasks with complete competency and professionalism

Personal concierges are detail-oriented and mange a variety of tasks including sorting out bills, organizing activities, personal shopping, waiting for deliveries, grocery shopping, pet sitting and more. They do more than run errands. They stand in queues, research events, book tickets, plan holiday vacations and can find the most efficient and affordable methods of travel when needed. In essence, a good concierge becomes a second you, completing your tasks exactly the way you want them done.

The average costs of hiring a personal assistant is $65/hour, but are you wondering whether its worth it you should consider the opportunity cost of a high-paid business executive doing these types of menial tasks. Lets say that a business executive earns $200/hour. That means that his time is worth $200/hour as well. It is the same as him paying himself $200 each hour that he does these duties. By hiring a concierge service to do the same work for $65/hour then it is really worth it. Not only would this business executive can have more time for important business tasks by hiring a personal assistant but he would also have more time for himself He can use his saved time to spend it with his family and friends.

Concierges specialize in specific services. Others provide lifestyle management services. When hiring a concierge, be sure you discuss your needs and expectations openly. In return your concierge can open up your time allowing you to enjoy the life you want to live.


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