Oct 07

How Can a PEO Help Your Business

Professional Employer Organizations (PEOs) take over administrative concerns like employee benefits, human resources, finance, workers compensation, commercial insurance, payroll and safety. This allows both small and large companies to focus solely on the actual business of their businesses, and it leaves the non-revenue producing office responsibilities to a trusted PEO.

So why is this important to your company? Any business owner looking to develop his or her company and grow in profitability can benefit from PEO services. One of the biggest non-revenue producing necessities in any business is payroll administration. Time spent tracking hours, paid vacation and sick time equals energy and resources diverted from your companys actual business. When you responsibly delegate that work outside of your business, your employees will be able to once again work toward a shared goal.

Whats more, as DES Business Solutions, a San Antonio PEO company, points out, your business will retain complete control over the hiring, salaries, supervision, advances and discipline of your employees. Youll just be leaving the necessary busywork to the professionals.

Lets analyze the busy in busywork for just a second. Before a company chooses to enlist the services of a PEO, its own employees, time and money is spent to report new hires, handle employee setup and maintenance, make all required tax deposits, track all time entries, process all payroll checks for employees, manage all employee direct deposits, create and distribute W-2 government filings to every employee, track sick, holiday and vacation times, track and manage paid time off accruals, implement voluntary and involuntary deductions, manage state withholding and unemployment returns, create 940 and 941 IRS filings and much more. If reading that sentence felt lengthy, imagine actually having to devote time and resources to everything it described.

If your company is losing valuable employees to a heavy administrative workload, you can free them up by teaming with a PEO. Every employees work is important and, with PEO services, will be able to contribute to your companys ultimate goal. Payroll administration is only one of the many tasks a PEO can take off your plate. Contact your local PEO to find out how you can unify your team, boost productivity and watch your profits climb.


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